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Resting on a chair in the late hours of a cold January with nothing but an old piece of leather in hand, all I could think of was the fondness I’ve always had for the raw hold of it.

Having been born in Kanpur – the “Leather city of the world” or as the world says “Manchester of the East” justifies the inclination. I’ve always had keenness for the ways in which leather could be made to use for all sorts of requirements.

All our line of products and the ones in the making are handcrafted by local artisans at our factory in the heart of vintage Kanpur. When it comes to leather, we go back to the minimalist fashion mantra i.e. buy less, choose well, make it last. I pick classic, buy-it-for-life pieces that work with an entire wardrobe and are made as ethically and sustainably as possible, which clearly reflects in the products we make.

Being mainly concerned foe the functional design while remaining committed to responsible business practices, and making  each day a little more convenient and personal with each of our products. We feel that there is enough room in the market to create and scale a well-designed, high-quality line of leather accessories that could be retailed at affordable prices.

This fostered the genesis of HR Leatherworks.

And all the rest will be history in making.

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